Autonomous Delivery Robot for Hotels

Savioke's mission is to develop affordable, usable service robots for the hospitality industry. Their aim is to improve the lives of people by deploying autonomous robots in human environments to help them with their daily tasks.

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Augmented Reality Applications with Google Tango

Ekumen is working in partnership with Google writing augmented reality applications and libraries for Project Tango, a platform that uses computer vision to give devices the ability to understand their position and react relative to the world around them.

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Robotic Simulation for UAV Application

Ekumen’s uav’s specialists are helping tackle an extremely ambitious and technically challenging consumer robotic drone application.

Working with high end auto pilot platforms and firmware as well as with robot simulation software, Ekumen's team is...

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Interfacing with Robots, in Concert

Ekumen assisted Yujin Robots in extending the capabilities of the very ambitious Robotics in Concert project with a high-level authoring interface and the ability to access robotics capabilities from the Internet.

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Personal Robots for the Service Industry

This project was a collaboration between Ekumen and Willow Garage to take their research personal robots to the next level and turn them into products for customers such as hospitals or restaurants.

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Autonomous Android-based Vehicles

The aim of this project was to develop autonomous robot systems with ROS using entirely off-the-shelf android devices as computing devices - both for usage and for robot-side computing.

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Web 3D ROS Visualization

We assisted TORK to bring on-line a 3D ros visualization application that uses sensor data and allows to manipulate the model from the client.

For this application we created a ruby application for managing users and balancing Amazon EC2 instances...

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Enabling Robotics in ARM-based Mobile Devices

With the sponsorship from Qualcomm and leadership of Open Source Robotics Foundation, Ekumen is working to support the development, distribution, and adoption of open source robotics software on mobile platforms by contributing to the ros on android effort.

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Crowdsourcing for Real-Time Economic Indicators

Premise gathers and analyzes millions of observations captured daily by a global network of contributors. By running machine-learning algorithms and leveraging on their data scientist expertise, they are able able to distill economic indicators and trends much faster (sometimes weeks before) than the conventional agencies.

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DRM for Live Content Streaming

In this project we implemented a DRM for protection of live content streaming and dynamic traitor detection and revocation. We used state of the Art encryption similar to AACS, which is used by Blu-ray devices.

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Real-time Transcription through Crowdsourcing

Scribe is a research project led by researcher Jeff Bigham that collects audio from a mobile device and schedules workers to perform captioning on small audio segments. The distributed captions are then merged into a single text, returning a consolidated transcript to the mobile user.

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Live on-line video streaming

For this project we created new content protection solutions for live video delivered over the Internet, using Adobe Media Server instances running in the Amazon Cloud and streaming content via HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming).

The back-end processing...

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