Enabling Robotics in ARM-based Mobile Devices

With the sponsorship from Qualcomm and leadership of Open Source Robotics Foundation, Ekumen is working to support the development, distribution, and adoption of open source robotics software on mobile platforms by contributing to the ros on android effort.

Ekumen's engineers are working to make it easier to cross-compile native ros packages for ARM processors like the high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon as well as using them as part of regular android applications. As a result, a very broad set of robotics capabilities are being made available to the large community of android developers and device owners.

Contributions to the project include minute review of ros packages to make them compatible with the android ndk target, improvements to scripts and tutorials to perform the cross-compilation, contributions to rosjava to make it easier to include cross-compiled native packages in android applications and some key ros component additions that were not yet available for the android platform.

Ekumen’s team work has earned a place at ROSCon 2015 in Hamburg, Germany, where we will be talking about our ros android ndk contributions.

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