Autonomous Delivery Robot for Hotels

Savioke's mission is to develop affordable, usable service robots for the hospitality industry. Their aim is to improve the lives of people by deploying autonomous robots in human environments to help them with their daily tasks.

Savioke's robots have been delighting hotel guests and curious passersby for a while now. You may have seen them in one of their many media appearances:

At Ekumen we are working closely with Savioke, contributing to different parts of their software stack:

We are contributing to the robots autonomous navigation and robot localization software based on ros. These two components allow the robot to move autonomously sharing the space with people in constantly-changing unstructured environments.

We have also developed with Savioke’s Web team a complete fleet management solution of distributed robot across different hotels. This includes integrating javascript with ros by means of roslibjs, a soft real-time robot operations center based on meteor and data gathering and analysis using elasticsearch.

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