Personal Robots for the Service Industry

This project was a collaboration between Ekumen and Willow Garage to take their research personal robots to the next level and turn them into products for customers such as hospitals or restaurants.

We contributed our expertise on system integration to bring some of the existing modules and projects into the services market. We defined the system architecture and adapted the development infrastructure from an open source research lab to a private product development business.

At the UX level we created intuitive web interfaces for complex robotics problems using Ember.js, Web Sockets and the robot web tools project. We also tackled the problem of non-expert users controlling robots under continuous operation and end-user robot programming.

At the backend level we worked throughout the whole ros stack using cpp and python to implement multiple robot networks (using a ros multimaster setup) and extended the python client API. We also performed Kinematics analysis on different client environments using MoveIt!.

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