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Our talented team of engineers has mastered advanced technologies in key areas and thrives on driving innovation with forward-looking companies.

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You can now rely on the strategic partnership between InOrbit and Ekumen to get to market faster and at a lower cost. You get the best of Ekumen’s software development expertise and InOrbit’s scalable RobOps platform, which can be deployed and working in 60 seconds. Contact us now or visit inorbit.ai to learn more.

Open Robotics

For the leading open source robotics programming and simulation software in the world, we are a trusted development partner and consulting collaborator.


Savioke’s indoor delivery robot, Relay, is a masterful blend of function, performance and thoughtful design. We work closely with Savioke as a development partner to help innovate their products and assist and support their engineering teams.

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Complement your team with top talent, adding specific skills or more brainpower to your local team. We have a proven model for remote collaboration: it’ll feel like we are just a cube away.

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We work in close collaboration with you to define the requirements, then develop iteratively to make sure you get the results you want, in the time you need them and with the quality you expect.