Good development practices and environment setup

We can help you with:

By implementing concrete technology, such as:

Simulation and modelling

From the robot to entire scenarios, we can help to grow your simulation stack from nothing to thousands of hours of robot simulation per month.

First, we assess which is the best simulation strategy for your use case and available resources by helping your team to:

Then, we implement the simulation by:

We help you to build tests on top of the simulations:

We adjust to your needs by implementing the right software stack for your team which includes:

We understand about robot dynamics and can help you to model the physics of your robot, derive constraints based on real hardware and make your robot navigate under different scenarios. We will engage with your simulation, perception, navigation and localization teams to help them solve:

By using of the shelf ROS based solutions or custom implementations of:

Planning and control

Not only movable bases are subject to specific kinematic and dynamic models, but also robotic arms and generally speaking robotic systems. We can help your team to develop planning and control obstacles to run concrete applications on top of the possible configurations the system could have. By doing so, we would implement:

By using off-the-shelf ROS based solutions or custom implementations of:


We have experience working with multiple types of sensors to achieve the desired results in diverse SLAM stacks, including:

And then fusing those data streams. We can also help with modelling those sensors in simulation to enable hundreds and thousands of hours of testing.

Fleet management

Robotic systems require interaction, coordination and cooperation between multiple agents. Agents require monitoring and task assignment to properly integrate in the system. We partnered with InOrbit to enable Fleet Management Systems orchestrate your robot fleets and leverage the power of your system. Also, we can assist you on the development of your already running FMS in areas like:

Tooling and infrastructure

There are many areas that we can help your team with, such as:

Mobile technologies


We are key contributors to the development of state of the art technologies that enable VR and AR applications in mobile devices. We are focused on virtual reality and augmented reality applications to enable new human - robot interactions. We can help you to deploy applications on Android devices that use embedded devices such as wearables, sensors and actuators as well as integrate these technologies in games or distributed applications that use mobiles as swarms.


Mobile devices come with a lot of useful and high quality sensors. We can help you to:

Feasibility studies and proof of concepts

Do you have a complex project that combines multiple technologies and disciplines?

Would you like to test your idea and evaluate hypothesis first?

We have experience implementing state of the art engineering and scientific development into production environments and understand what should be tested, evaluated and studied in favor of decreasing the risks of large projects.

We can help you to: